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Written by Traci Clayton on 22nd March 2015

Manufacturers recommend that the air conditioning is serviced every 2 years or as soon as you notice any temperature changes or unpleasant odours when in use.

The air conditioning system is effective throughout the year, keeping the vehicle cool throughout the summer and rapidly de-misting windows during the winter. 

Up to 20% of the gases each year are lost through natural leakage. Gaskets and rubber seals can dry out over time and running low on refrigerant gas will make the compressor work twice as hard and last the minimum time. 

 This service includes:

  • Testing of the gas pressure to see if it has dropped.
  • Deep vacuuming to remove air and moisture
  • Leak test
  • Recharging of correct level of refrigerant gas.
  • Compressor lubricant check

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