Wellingborough - 01933 222872
Milton Keynes - 01908 377577
Bedford - 01234 217833
Corby - 01536 402302

For all complaints please contact the original branch that you dealt with regarding your complaint. Alternatively, you may contact Long Marsh Ltd - Head Office. Heron House. The Embankment. Wellingborough. Northants. NN8 1LD 01933 222872

We always endeavour to provide the best service and products for our customers. However, on rare occasions, we recognise that there may be times where our customers may not be completely satisfied.

To ensure we are able to put things right as soon as we can, please read our complaints procedure below and we will respond promptly to ensure complete satisfaction.

As soon as possible after the completion of the works, please inspect the work to ensure everything has been carried out to our usual high standards.

In the unlikely event there is anything you are not completely satisfied with, please contact us as soon as you can in order that we can rectify any problems as quickly as possible.

Either call us on 01933 222872, or write to us at Long Marsh Ltd. Heron House. The Embankment. Wellingborough. Northants. NN8 1LD or email us at service@longmarshltd.co.uk

We aim to respond within 7 days of receiving your complaint and where possible, will provide you with a date to remedy any issues raised.

Workshop complaints - Where the business is unable to resolve your complaint using the business complaints procedure, as a Which? Trusted Trader the business uses the Dispute Resolution Ombudsman for dispute resolution. In the unlikely event that the business cannot remedy your complaint to your satisfaction you may wish to refer your complaint to them. If you wish to do so please contact Which? Trusted traders in the first instance on 0117 456 6031

 15. Minimum notice period of cancellations is 48 hours; a rental charge will apply for all cancellations inside of the 48 hours.

16.Please note that a majority of our vehicles include a GPS tracking device which we may monitor from time to time to ensure that the terms of thisagreement are complied with. In the event of theft of the vehicle then data from the GPS tracking device both leading up to and following the theft 
may be used by us, our insurers and law enforcement agencies.The payee is responsible for all costs, fines, damages and any other charges
brought forward regarding the vehicle/vehicles on rental.

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