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Know Your Speed Limits

Written by Traci Clayton on 01st January 2018

These are National speed limits and apply to all roads unless signs show otherwise. The 30mph limit applies to all roads in England and Wales (and ClassC and unclassified roads in Scotland) with street lighting unless signs show otherwise. 

Cars and Motorcycles (including car derived vans up to 2 tonnes maximum laden weight)

Built up area                        30mph

Single Carriageway              60mph

Dual Carriageway                70mph

Motorways                           70mph

Cars towing caravans or trailers (including car derived vans and motorcycles)

Built up area                        30mph

Single Carriageway              50mph

Dual Carriageway                60mph

Motorways                           60mph

Buses and Coaches (not exceeding 12 metres in overall length)

Built up area                        30mph

Single Carriageway             50mph

Dual Carriageway                60mph

Motorways                           70mph

Good Vehicles (not exceeding 7.5 tonnes maximum laden weight)

Built up area                       30mph

Single Carriageway             50mph

Dual Carriageway               60mph

Motorways                          70mph**

Goods Vehicles (exceeding 7.5 tonnes maximum laden weight)

Built up area                       30mph

Single Carriageway             40mph

Dual Carriageway               50mph

Motorways                          60mph

** 60mph if articulated or towing a trailer

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